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2012 Winner Shares Experience
A winner of 2012 FOYEF empowerment, Mr. Nixon Ossai Olodu shares his experience and encouraged the new winners to use their money solely for their business idea.
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2013 Youth Empowerment Programme.
Mr. Azubike Ossai, a beneficiary from 2012 sharing his experience while advising beneficiaries at the 2013 empowerment session in Umuaja.
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2013 Youth Empowerment.
Azubuike Egwuanumkwu, a 2012 sharing his experience one year after benefiting from FOYEF empowerment initiative.
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Engr Dr. Otutu addressing the Youths.
Engr Friday Otutu also charged the youths to be good stewards so that many more people will benefit from the program next year.
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Umuaja Youths At FOYEF 2013 Talk
Youths listening attentively to advise and rules of positive engagement from Engr Dr Otutu during the FOYEF 2013 empowerment event.
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Our Mission


Our Goal

The main objective of the Friday Otutu Youth Empowerment Foundation (FOYEF) is to generate jobs by encouraging and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youth of Ndokwa Origin to develop and execute business ideas that will lead to job creation. The programme provides aspiring youth with a platform to show case their business acumen, skills and aspirations to business leaders, investors and mentors in Nigeria.

About The Foundation


This foundation was embarked upon by Engr. (Dr.) Friday Otutu, to transform the society from social exclusion to an all-inclusive one that would guarantee a level playing ground for all especially for the youths. The project was borne out of his long desire to improve the lives of the less-privileged in the society, and several youths from the Ukwuani Local Government area are participating in the programme.

This program started in 2009 as an annual talk show and mentoring forum for the youths of Umuaja Community in Ukwuani Local Government area. The attendance at the events provided platform to assist the teaming youths in realizing their full potential by giving necessary direction. It continued as an annual event/forum for years 2010 and 2011 with a steady increase in attendance and awareness. However, the program took a higher dimension in 2012 when it started giving financial grants to youths with viable business proposals to start off such business. The year 2012 recorded a high turnout of youths of about 90 participants with an award of N100,000 given to 3 youths that presented the best business proposals.

At the 2013 award program he enjoined them to make use of the opportunity by becoming self employed after the training and take-off grant, stressing that no government has the capacity to provide employment to everybody. The 2013 event recorded an astronomical increase in attendance of about 189 participants.

The high point of the year 2013 occasion was the formal award of N100,000 each to 13 person (N1,300,000.00) after a rigorous competitive writing of project proposal which passed through the selection panel made up of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) executives that came to carry out an award of excellence to Engr Otutu.

Friday Otutu Youth Empowerment foundation (FOYEF)


Project Background and Focus

Available records from the Man Power Board and the Federal Bureau of Statistics of Nigeria shows that about 80% of young Nigerians are unemployed. The Nigerian society mostly depends on formal employment therefore being without a job can seem like an enforced idleness on those readily able to work.  

Thus FOYEF initiative seeks to empower budding entrepreneurs create and generate and grow their own business to a sustainable level.


Project Expected Outcome

The FOYEF project intends to nurture budding entrepreneurs to their full potential. Beneficiaries are given seed funding of up to N100,000 per person. Also, beneficiaries will have access to necessary training, counseling and mentorship throughout the project cycle. It is expected that a minimum of 13 persons will be discovered and funded; impacting 13 young entrepreneurs annually.

Potential Long Term Impact

We intend to work in partnership with various organisations to promote entrepreneurship by empowering young entrepreneur beneficiaries in setting up and running small to medium size businesses. It is expected that this can start to break the cycle of youth poverty in Nigeria.